The Five Steps to Creating a New Wound Dressing at Raleigh

When you partner with a production company in order to co-create a new solution for the medical industry, your decision hangs in trust and respect. This is an industry in which corners are never cut and where effectiveness is the key indicator of success. As such, our professional teams have devised the perfect five-step process to help our clients build their solutions alongside us, making the most of our technologies to bring new and exciting wound dressings to market. Here’s an overview of that five-step process.


In this consultation phase, we’ll sit down with a client in order to sketch out their specifications and discuss the kinds of ideas we have to help them achieve what they’re looking for. In this stage, our technologies are introduced, and our previous work may come in useful when deciding on construction and raw material choice.


Next, we’ll take the ideas and the conclusions from these initial discussions, and we’ll bring  the expertise of our production team to help in the development of our customer’s brief. In this trial run, we’ll produce the product from the materials and to the specifications agreed on in the enquiry consultation. The key here is to inspect the design and workability of the products we’ve co-created with clients – checking that they’re at the standard desired. At this stage, a clearer idea of costs and lead times will be agreed with the client.

Development Qualification

This stage is often the most drawn out, as we iron out all of the creases in providing you with an Production quality of materials used in the dressings that you’re looking for. We’ll create pilot line iterations of development products to enable our customers to assess the performance of the trail materials. Once pilot line materials have been approved, then the development product will be scaled up to production trial quantities. At this stage the development construction may well be run on our clients machines . Raleigh welcome the opportunity to be part of this process and help our clients to optimise the product specification.

A price will usually be agreed at this stage.

Operational Qualification

With all the agreements in place and the green light from the  development phase, we’ll then look to gain approval of the manufacturing process. This does not take a long time to secure, which means that we’ll be confirming the quotes and costs with you for a final time before turning on the machines.

Performance Qualification

Finally, we’re simply left with the responsibility of taking all of the development process work that we’ve co-created with you and asking for your final sign-off on the specifications we’ve created. Once we’ve reached this stage, we’ll head into full production.

With many years in the industry, we believe this five-step process is the most effective way of delivering exactly what our clients are looking for in an industry that prizes quality above all else.

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