Specialist Coatings

Coatings / Industrial tape – Case Study

The Problem:

A customer was having difficulties with obtaining a release liner with very specific release criteria, requiring a textured adhesive coating.

Our Challenge:

Whenever a customer comes to us requiring a certain type of texture to an adhesive coating it is always a challenge. Why? Because we must find a supplier who can produce this unique material, to the correct volume. Very rarely can such materials be bought ‘off-the-shelf’ and so each one must be manufactured by the supplier specifically for that project.


The Steps:

After careful experimentation by our experienced technicians we fulfilled the customer’s criteria through a combination of using a soft adhesive and a textured-surface release liner; this liner was developed through close work with one of our suppliers.

However, not only did we deliver the product that the customer was looking for, but with the materials and techniques we developed for them they could venture into new markets and had new opportunities open to them in the industry that they currently worked in.

Response of Customer:

Whereas growth in sales had always been limited for them in the market they were working in, we had enabled them to make a real impact in not only their current market, but other key markets too. The customer was very pleased with the opportunities that we had helped introduce them to.


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