How Specialised Wound Dressings Are Developed

At Raleigh Coatings, we’ve made it our mission to provide bespoke and high-quality wound dressings for a variety of medical needs. But how do we do it, and how are the wound dressings you see around you developed in order to be most effective at treating patients with a wide variety of wounds? In this piece, you’ll learn about the key development stage that enables us to protect the wounds of individuals, whether they’ve been burned, cut or bruised.

The Process

Leading wound dressing organisations such as Raleigh are concerned with quality. That’s the bottom line when you’re providing high-quality materials to help doctors and nurses save lives. When we’re developing bespoke and unique products for our clients, we tend to follow a five-step process:

  • Enquiry – Learn about the objectives of the client by listening and learning
  • Samples – Prototypes are created, tested and discussed
  • Trial Run – This involves the development of the main line of product
  • Approval – The approval of the dressing solution and the confirmation of costs
  • Performance Qualification – The final stage, involving the client signing off on a production run

When following these five stages, it’s important that the client and Raleigh are both able to work together in order to determine the best way to develop the coated product  to contribute in the production of a dressing. This involves some specialist knowledge.

Specialist Knowledge

Wound dressing is an incredibly important element in the provision of medical care. Without sterilised and reliable dressings, hospital staff wouldn’t be able to provide help and care with the confidence that the products they’re using are first class. At Raleigh, we’ve spent over 10 years developing products for the wound care industry , which has led our specialists to:

  • Create a Class 7 cleanroom for coating and conversion
  • Have the ability to run a pilot line development service
  • High-tech solutions such as developing multi layered perforated products for wound dressing
  • It’s our specialist knowledge – and the ideas that our clients bring to us – that makes our product and our provision of it so competitive. The development of our wound dressings couldn’t happen without consultation, testing, discussion and evaluation at every step.

Trial Run to Manufacturing

This is the key jump that we are able to facilitate at Raleigh Coatings: from a short and brief trial run of a specific coating, we’re able to scale up in order to produce full production quantities of the  agreed specification.

For our clients, this means both the ability to take the product from lab bench all the way through to full production to suit all of our customer’s demands and requirements.

Making professional-quality coatings is a long and high-tech process perfected by Raleigh Coatings over many years of work.

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