Solving your coating challenge is our business

At Raleigh Coatings, we thrive on helping customers realise the potential of their most ambitious ideas.

Our technical team is trained and experienced in dealing with all enquiries, no matter how unusual they may seem and no matter what size the request.

Our customers come to us from a range of industries interested in our ability to produce exceptional quality coatings; including medical tape, graphic film and specialist labels.

However, our most exciting challenges come from novel coating ideas that need to be produced with completely new formats.

How we meet your bespoke coating requirements

Bespoke custom coating is our chance to really shine and defines us as industry leaders.

By utilising state-of-the-art technologies and unrivalled expertise, we are able to break down the complexities of the process; with the aim of making the coating understandable and goals achievable.

Starting with the initial enquiry, we will talk with you about your vision and end goals, understanding your needs and concerns. Then we take your concept and develop it through the expertise of our technical team in a specially equipped laboratory.

The construction is then trialled through a pilot line to test, inspect and adjust to achieve the right results. Following approval of the process, the product is then transferred and produced as a finished coated product on the main line.

The end result? The realisation that your innovative idea is now a reality.

New coating techniques are not just the only solutions we provide for our customers. Here’s a sample of questions that can help you decide if Raleigh Coatings is the match you’ve been looking for.

Do you only coat adhesives?

No, we can also coat with any solvent based coating. We also offer silicone gel coating services using our clean room based line.

I’m struggling with ideas for which substrates / carriers to use?

Simply talk to us. We are happy to help. We have a broad experience working with non-wovens, films (polyester, polypropylene, polyurethane) and a variety of papers. Using our experience with these materials we can help guide you through the selection process.

What if my substrate requires higher surface energy?

We have a vast experience with chemically treated films and can also corona treat inline onsite; both of which are used to promote adhesion to substrates.

What if my product requires coating in class 7 clean room environment?

Then you’re in luck. We have 2 clean room coating lines that meet the ISO 14644 class 7 requirements for both acrylic and silicone gel coating.

My product requires onward conversion / slitting, can you help?

Yes we can, by using our reel to reel slitting facilities. This means that we can take your jumbo rolls and cut them down to narrow width rolls.

Do you have further conversion services?

Yes, we also have partnerships with product conversion companies so that we can fully satisfy all your conversion needs.

How can you advise and assist with silicone gel coating for wound care products?

As the UK’s leading specialist in medical adhesive coatings, we have developed a strong expertise in exacting the conditions that silicone gel coating requires. We also have very strong relationships with key gel manufacturing suppliers that support our ability to provide accurate and specialist advice when it comes to wound care product coatings.

Do you only flood coat?

No, we also offer stripe coating of acrylic P.S.A.

Can I vary my coat weights?

Yes, we can flood coat from 10gsm – 100gsm in acrylic P.S.A and also from 50gsm – 500gsm in silicone gel.

Our commitment to providing solutions for your most complex coating requirements is evident not only in our approach, but our reputation as unrivalled technical experts in the field of custom coating. 

For further queries it may be helpful to visit our frequently asked question6 page, or contact our team by calling 01785 850 375 or email our Business Development Manager, Julian Watkins at

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